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Glam Up Your Wedding With WeVue!

Posted on: July 25th, 2014


Everyone enjoys weddings. Whether its the romance, seeing old friends, an excuse for a night out, the old school music, seeing your old man try to dance, the fabulous decor, or simply just for the good food & open bar, weddings are awesome!

Well, there is now a new free (yes, free!) mobile app that allows you to enjoy your wedding experiences altogether and take those photos/videos you and others take to a whole new level.

WeVue (go to your app store and download it) gathers posted photos & videos from any event (such as a wedding) that you upload or others upload, and then turns them into a montage collection video that can be shared with all as well as a viewable album with everyone’s photos/videos all in one spot for easy browsing.


You just have to love technology bringing people together!


A Conversation With Actress Lynzey Patterson

Posted on: July 25th, 2014


Lynzey Patterson is one of those actresses that just catches your eye and leaves you with a memorable impression. Lynzey has been through a lot over the course of her career, first coming out as one of Canada’s first openly bisexual actresses, and then appearing on the hit comedy series, Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot and Showtime’s Body Language. She then saw her career push forward with a lead role in the  film, Anything Goes, and currently is working on a new feature entitled, Unimaginable.

It’s A Glam Thing caught up with Lynzey in Hollywood to ask her a few questions…

Nick Northstar: If you could collaborate with any filmmaker right now, who would it be?

Lynzey Patterson: Hands down Quentin Tarantino! I’d love to work with such a talented and awesome person!

NN: How has the Internet helped your career move forward?

LP: The Internet has helped me move forward in a lot of ways. Almost 80% of the work I have done was from castings I found online or from casting directors finding me online. Also, it helps a lot with promotion, networking and simply just getting my face out there!

NN: Who is your celebrity crush right now?

LP: My celebrity crushes right now Johnny Depp! Okay, it’s a tie between him and James Franco!

NN: What would you like to be remembered for?

LP: I want to be remembered for sharing my light and love, and in some way making a positive change in this world with my actions / words.

NN: And finally, what are some of your summer “glam” tips to look fabulous?

LP: I’m very organic, especially in the summer time! I wash my face with a natural chamomile soap to keep clear and clean. As for make up, I like “pure minerals” bronzing powder and some peachy blush. One thing I must do though, is a “dramatic eyes”; I love eyeliner and cat eyes! MEOW!


DoooDolls Actually Work As Glamorous Home Decorations

Posted on: July 22nd, 2014


Who doesn’t love fun, random things to add a little character to their home?  Furniture of different shapes, functions are cool and while some opulent portraits and tables do nicely, it would certainly serve some eye-catching purpose to add some… peculiar items here and there.  Some people actually like unusual things around their home like goofy salt & pepper shakers, odd-shaped clocks, pooping gnomes, gummy bear lamps, and silly-faced pillows that may not seem wholesome, yet they show you’re not afraid to go a little out there.  In some phenomenal way, it makes others feel a little more welcome in the home because you’re being yourself (for better or worse).   Lately it’s soft, cushy dolls that are donning the living room and kid’s rooms as something of an aesthetic choice.

People love to glam the kid’s rooms up with fun, colorful dolls, especially plush ones.  This is no big surprise because it’s been studied that young children love to get their hands on fun, soft, colorful things with interesting features.  It catches their eyes and interests.  But plush collectibles aren’t just for the kiddies since there are adults who collect such things simply to add a little fun character to their humble abode.   While the plush style doll is a hot trend among Asian cultures, they’re scaling in the United States too.  If you’re aiming to add a touch of cuteness and perhaps “tripiness” to your décor, make sure it’s a plush collection.


One adorable plush collection that you might want to consider gussying up your living room couch and kid’s playroom with that caught eyes at this year’s recent Anime Expo in Los Angeles are Dooodolls (  As you can see in the photos in this article, they are a unique collection of colorful plush dolls with distinctive characteristics that go with their names.   Dooodolls would be the décor of choice if you’re gonna add a touch of cuteness for all to see because they’re perfect for kids of any age, come in big or small sizes, and notably safe because they’re shapes could actually substitute as a great pillow for them to sleep on or just position them as pieces on either side of the couch or atop the ‘ol bean bag chair.  Household decorations are meant to establish the kind of person you, so if you’re a fun, bubbly kind of person, then Dooodolls are going to boast that personality trait splendidly.  Dolls like the lushes, plushes Dooodolls maybe an unusual decoration, but there’s no denying that they’re adorable and practical with a touch of glam baby!


iKen Watches Are This Summer’s Glam Wrist Accessory

Posted on: July 22nd, 2014


No season boasts more fashion glam than the pinnacle of summer.  As you stroll the sandy beaches, evergreen parks, or lay poolside you’ll notice how people are setting the summertime vibe with versatility in what they wear. It’s a fashionista’s favorite holiday and you will never see a broader scale of shades, patterns and colors sported any other time of the year. It’s open season on all shopping departments and fair game on what you wear.

What you wear and how you wear it is practically limitless this time of year, now if you could just customize it yourself it would make for the better under the clear, sunny sky.  Oh, wait…you can!  At least you can with iKen Watches (  It’s North America’s most interchangeable watch, courtesy of founder, Paru Radia. With over 248,000 possible combinations at play, you get to be the creator of something original and sporty.  Every color that you can imagine is at your disposal so you can design a watch with ease that will trend well with your swimwear, sandals, sneakers, shirts, shorts, and so forth. It’s really amazing to think that you can now change into something new and vibrant everyday while making alternatives to your own watch to properly coordinate your gear.  As if watches weren’t enough, iKen is also working to give you – the maker the freedom to customize you own pair of shades as well with 5 components per pair, 10 colors and over a 100,000 bright and fun combinations.


Summer is our season of fashion and because we like to get with the trends, we can be guilty of taking how we look a bit too seriously.  Thankfully, iKen helps eradicate the fuss and muss to add fun under the sun.  Thanks to iKen’s accessory we now have fun, fab, and glam rolled into one cool item made for you, by you!


A Chat With Glamorous YouTube Singer Lexi Noel

Posted on: June 23rd, 2014


In a day and age where posting a video on YouTube can make you famous, Atlanta-born Lexi Noel has used the outlet to her advantage beyond belief! The 19-year-old YouTube singer has used the website (and other social media) to create a fan base of millions around the world which recently helped her land a record deal of her very own  with O-Town Record in Orlando, Florida.

It’s A Glam Thing caught up with the glamorous star to find our more about what she’s doing so right to help blossom her career…


Nick Northstar: Tell us what your single BOYS means to you?

Lexi Noel: Its a Universal question to BOYS why are you so confusing to girls? its basically about how a girl and boy can have history and not connect in the same way. It’s basically from a girl’s point of view trying to figure out what signal a guy is sending her.

NN: If you could collaborate with any artist right now, who would it be?

LN: It would definitely be Katy Perry. She is my number one fav!

NN: How has the Internet helped your career move forward?

LN: Its helped me reach out to so many people across the world and relate my music to them in a way that would have never existed years ago. My fans base is global rather than local and its just amazing.

NN: What can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

LN: I am working on releasing new music at the end of June, a tour for the fall in Canada and my clothing line will be out in stores. So it going to be really exciting things happening in the next few months.

NN: Is there a message you want people to take away from your music?

LN: My music is all about being positive, dealing with real life issues and having fun! You need to make every moment count!

NN: What would you like to be remembered for?

LN: Having a postiive influence on peoples life and really impacting them with the messages in my songs.

NN: And finally, what are some of your summer “glam” tips to look fabulous?

LN: Definitely natural beach wavy hair, bronzer, sun block and 3D mascara is a must!


Capture POD Captures Quick Memories With Style

Posted on: June 19th, 2014


Photo booths are a favorite thing to hit up when folks, friends, family, couples on a day out, etc. want something cute to do in places where people may find them unexpectedly.  Photo booths have been making fun, little memories for people for ages and one of the best things that make these booths so much fun is that there’s no preparation for them.  You don’t think about what to wear, how to wear it, or how to behave when you’re about to take a photo – you just go at it.  It’s the best kind of style really.  Most people would agree that taking photos with no preparation, just in the moment makes the time spent seem much more special with whomever you share that moment with.


Capture POD is the most stylish and high-tech photo booth that you’ll probably ever come by.  The Capture POD functions very much like any ordinary photo booth, however it has a DSLR camera that takes quick-printing images, but what’s really cool is that you can connect with any of your social media outlets that will upload any images that you’re about to take quickly and with ease. People hosting parties should want to have one for the purpose of social media because all will see that their party is an instant hit. It’s like saying, “This is happening now and you should be here!”  The Capture POD also makes for a nice looking display at any birthday, wedding, school party, holiday, or cocktail party.  Life’s a series of little moments and the Capture POD captures those moments with a style like none other.

This fun contraption can either be rented or even purchased at!


Getting GLAM With Alexa Ferr

Posted on: June 17th, 2014


19-year-old Canadian “rugged pop” princess  Alexa Ferr currently has her single, Lipstick on the Glass, climbing the international music charts. It’s A Glam Thing sat down with the star while she’s recording new tracks in Los Angeles to chat about her glamorous ways & career!


Nick Northstar: Tell us what your single Lipstick on the Glass means to you?

Alexa Ferr: To me, my single Lipstick on The Glass means leaving an impression or a mysteriousness for someone and always leaving them wanting more. It doesn’t necessarily need to be for a relationship, it could even mean just leaving that impression on someone, including my fans, leaving them wanting to hear more and wonder what I’ll do next.

NN: If you could collaborate with any artist right now, who would it be?

AF: If I could collaborate with any artist right now, it would definitely have to be Rihanna or Drake. I respect both of them and admire their hard work, creativity and talent, so it would be an amazing opportunity to work with them someday!

NN: You are known as a “rugged pop” artist… What does that term mean to you?

AF: My team and I came up with this term, and it basically describes me as an artist and what my music sounds like. It’s very r&b/pop with a little unique edge to it!

NN: What can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

AF: I’m currently in the studio working on new music so hopefully I’ll be releasing a new single and video within the next few months!

NN: Is there a message you want people to take away from your music? What would you like to be remembered for?

AF: I’ve always stuck by the idea of inspiring others through my music, so if I can give a message to my fans through my music is to never give up on their dreams, and to hopefully connect with them through whatever situation they are going through that is similar to one or more of my songs!

NN: And finally, what are some of your summer “GLAM” tips to look fabulous?

AF: I definitely think a really good shimmery powder and/or contouring definitely highlights areas of your face and gives you that summery-glow look! As far as fashion, a cute maxi skirt, crop top and sun hat is always a fun summer look!


Mark Lash Celebrity Jewelry Glam For The Summer!

Posted on: June 16th, 2014


When celebrities are called out to some of the most prestigious events via the Oscars, The Golden Globes and so on, they call out to the best jewelers to have them looking like a true glistening star on the red carpet.  Celebrities have to make hasty and thorough preparations for any big event that they will attend which entails wearing gorgeous outfits and appropriate accessories that best compliments them.  It’s hard enough to find real quality items for upscale events, but it’s an even harder task to find the right stuff to wear when celebs know they’re going to be seen on television.  The right pieces with the right shapes, sizes, and shine is what it will take to be noticed by the viewers at home.  This process can be painstaking, but if you know the right people to gear you up it can be very pleasant.  If you were a celebrity reading this and wondering where to find outstanding jewelry, Mark Lash is a pretty good start.


Mark Lash is a jeweler based in Canada who has established an impressive reputation for being the line of choice when it comes to decorating some A-list personalities.  If you’re familiar with likes of Bruno Mars, Naya Rivera, Teri Polo, Joan Rivers, Martin Sheen, Nick Cannon, Howie Mandel, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Heather Tom, and Tricia Helfer, then chances are pretty good that you’ve seen them sporting iconic pieces from Mark Lash.  All of ML’s featured accessories are unique with their geometric shapes and tones that equate a fine balance that is glamorous yet not overstated. ML’s bracelets like the Diamond Arc Deco Style or the new Men’s Bangle are very eye catchy and slick, and you can never go wrong with anything that holds ML’s diamonds which have the 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat) down to perfection.  Fitting anyone for any special engagement or for just feeling good on a casual day is a trade that Mark Lash takes momentous pride in.


Anyone wanting to marvel at, learn more about Mark Lash, see what celebrities have worn, or even own a piece of the action should take a browse at:


22 Jump Street Ends On A High Note

Posted on: June 15th, 2014


If you’ve seen 22 Jump Street already, you know there’s plenty to praise between the comedy antics / bromance between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. However, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the film’s end credits are the very best part of the movie!

SPOILER ALERT: The end credits feature a ton of cameo appearances from stars such as Seth Rogen and Anna Faris, but it’s original 21 Jump Street television actors Richard Grieco and Dustin Nguyen that steal the end show. The end credits show a few dozen posters and clips for possible continuations of the franchise (“23 Jump Street: Medical School”, “Scuba School”, etc.), but as we just mentioned, “Jump Street Generations” with Grieco & Nguyen is one future film we’d love to see actually happen.


Director Phil Lord says that he called in favors and created the epic end sequence roughly a month ago as a last minute change to their original ending of Jonah and Channing’s characters asking to retire once and for all

Overall, 22 Jump Street is one of the best comedy sequels we’ve seen to date – mostly because it made fun of itself throughout the entire flick – and had us glued to the screen to the very last credit… So go see it for yourself if you haven’t already!


Fudge Is A Glamorous Party Decoration!

Posted on: May 20th, 2014


Big celebrations call for big party favors, and there’s no better way to glam up the occasion with the right decorations.  Although parties seem to be getting more elaborate and original every year, getting the right goods don’t have to be an expensive or worrisome affair.  Sometimes it only takes the simplest things that can make a party unforgettable.  Some basic, yet wonderful ideas might include streamers of cloths, beads, net, or even paper to brighten up even the dullest appearing room.  Balloons in single or combinations of colors are fun even for adult parties.  Flowers, plants, and accessories can really make all the difference in appearances because they can be assorted in various different colors with vases or bowls in brilliant shapes and sizes.

But, what’s a party without edibles?  Desserts are the next best thing for a party favors as opposed to a large bouquet of flowers or crazy beads.  Bear in mind that guests will need something delicious to eat so they may feel more at home.  Fondues, cupcakes, breads & cheeses sure make for succulent decorations as well as something to gaze upon if show-cased just right.  Imagine having a layered crystal bowl with cheese cascading from top to bottom for fine fondue dipping…looks as good as it tastes.  Interestingly, some of these fine treats are created and displayed for decoration only – what a tragedy!  But, fudge is the one glamorous treat that compliments any décor, plus it leaves a divine taste in the mouth.  It’s the next best thing to a bouquet of flowers or crazy beads for decorating a party.


Fudge is just pure glam in its own right because of the many ways that you can arrange it.  If you’re an expert baker, you can mold fudge into beautiful shapes, mount it with other oozing chocolates (there’s the fondue again), syrups, and design it with fruits, stripe patterns, swirl patterns, maybe even jewelry (as little gifts for guests) if you really wanna go out there.  Aside from jewelry, gifts cards and such, fudge is a great gift to put in silver, gold, or bronze party bags that you get by the bundle. If you lack the skills and means to finance such eats, then it’s okay to pay a little towards the professionals.  One company worth noting for being a hit for parties has been Offenbacher Fudge (  They’ve had their bite-sized goodies showcased and catered to MTV special events and celebrity engagements (pictured above is iconic actress Catherine Bach enjoying some) for the Oscars.  With Offenbacher Fudge you wouldn’t have to put fudge in a gift bag since their freshly baked pastries come in a beautiful circular box with a cute ribbon that looks festive placed upon any formal or casual table linen.  Parties are all about variety as well and Offenbacher serves up peanut butter, raspberry, mango, kahlua coffee, amaretto, and champagne fudge for an exquisite variety.

You couldn’t really have a party without something for guests to sink their teeth into and besides if you’re gonna throw it big, serve it big with something sweet.  That’s why fudge is such an excellent food choice as well as a decorative ornament.  Not only does it pass for a marvelous decoration, but it’s pretty darn inexpensive and it pleases the taste buds.  Fudge is a true eye-candy of festivities, so you if you bake it…they will come!

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