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Posted on: April 11th, 2014


Wine is the most elegant & glamorous alcoholic beverage and its market spans across the entire world.  As it also turns out, global studies show that women take up roughly 62% of the world’s wine consuming population.  While making wine is predominately a male endeavor, it’s far from a man’s world as women are actually taking the enterprise by storm.  Maintaining a vineyard, harvesting and processing grapes to produce the perfect wine is no easy task either.  So, it’s really a thing of beauty to see the ladies showing up the gentlemen in an ever growing and lucrative industry.  Such a feat should be celebrated and what better way than with a wine that symbolizes the kind of earnest pride that hard working women undertake.  One that comes to mind for the occasion would be the bottle hailing the stiletto shoe that people are getting to know well:  STLTO Wine.

STLTO is wine made for women by women (the boys are welcome to help themselves to it as well), and the stiletto shoe has become a trademark that people are becoming just as familiar with as the brainchild behind the vine.  Sarah Liberatore is a true entrepreneur who’s all about accrediting women for their part in the work force, and her product is a token of all they stand for.  “I created a wine brand called STLTO that appeals to women’s taste, packaging and philanthropic sensibilities,” professes Sarah. Her love for shoes dates back to her childhood fondness for her mother’s stilettos, which brought on the logo.  When she began making her wines with her first five women, they together collaborated on five words that best described how what they were accomplishing made them feel:  S – (Sophisticated), T – (Timeless), L – (Lavish), T – (Trendy), and O – (Outstanding).  Sarah’s taste in fashion, wine, and friends hence forth brought the world STLTO.

Hands down, Sarah’s operation is one of the most unique one’s that you’ll ever come to know.  Her brand is made at her family’s vineyard in Bruzzo, Italy by the hands of an all-women’s operation from the administrative labor force right down to the bottling line.  Her team has the grapes from the vineyard hand-picked to eradicate the use and potential harm from equipment, and then stored down four meters below deck to eliminate need for refrigeration.  Everything is put to good use even if it’s not being used.  The empty storage tanks for example are placed outside on the hills, behind to the winery to collect rain water for hydrating the vineyard.  People love the taste most importantly and you’re missing out if you’ve yet to partake, but unlike most bottles lacking creativity, the stiletto design on STLTO bottles is classy and distinctive, giving glam a whole other meaning.  Common wine bottles weigh in at 750 grams, but Sarah has redesigned her glass bottles with less material so you get a 420 grams bottle! It’s an operation not short of innovative ideas and frugal with their resources.


Sarah has faced several years of rejection and struggle, but as a strong-willed woman would, her patience and perseverance carried on to pave a solid road of success.  She was recently honored by the Hosterly Institute as one of Ontario’s Top 30 Under 30, and her brand has been listed as one of the best, competitive wines in the world via Buzzfeed and other media sites; That’s a feat anyone would be lucky to have and it’s certainly testimony to the fruits of STLTO’s labor in the women’s work force.

Sarah and her outstanding team have come a long way in the industry, and we all raise our glasses to that.  Drop in on STLTO’s home ( to see their assortments of Merlot, Chardonnay, Melbec, Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, and follow up on new happenings. Salute ladies & gentlemen!



Posted on: April 7th, 2014

Amanda LeBlanc ( is America’s favorite organizer. Sexy, sassy and sensitive, the Birmingham Belle starred in Style Network’s “The Amandas” and has appeared on numerous TV segments (including “Today” on NBC) as well as graced magazine covers. Amanda brings a winning combination of passion and compassion to her work, which has endeared her to fans around the world.

We checked in with the Queen of Neat and here’s what she had to tell us:

Nick Northstar: What is your secret to keeping all the balls in the air?

Amanda LeBlanc: Well it wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I told you! But I juggle each area of my life by planning and trying to be prepared for the unexpected! I thrive off of stressful situations and work my best under short deadlines. And of course, some alone time for momma and a glass of wine never hurts.

NN: When did you first get the “organizing” bug?

AL: I have always enjoyed organizing for as long as I can remember. My obsession began after I got married and started setting up my own home.

NN: Have you ever just tossed a pair of shoes in the corner after a long day and thought, “Oh, I’ll just put them away in the morning?” And, if you won’t answer that, have you left a dirty dish in the sink in the last 5 years?

AL: I’m a mom of 2 very busy girls. I have a husband, a house, and a business in multiple states. I plead the fifth.

NN: If you have siblings, are they as organized as you are? If so, what are your parents like? If not, what are your parents like!

AL: Nobody in my family is as crazy OCD as I am. My mom is a clean freak and my dad is the organizer. And I’m the extreme of both. (Cue the cleaning the washer with q-tips and moving the vase over 2 inches after my husband moves it.)

NN: It’s one thing to want to organize your own home, but what motivates you to help others?

AL: When clients come to me for organizing help, I can see the change I can make in their home and in their lives. It’s also much easier and interesting for me to organize for others because my home is already perfect! Duh!

 What’s the most fantastic thing about being Amanda LeBlanc today?

AL: I mean what isn’t?! I have an amazing family and a thriving business. I feel like I’m at the peak of my life, and I am very grateful!



Posted on: March 2nd, 2014


Attire, tattoos, makeup, and other body decorations are the means we use to achieve a particular social status, to use as a personal expression, cultural expression, and serve as an indicator for personal achievements or deep commemorative meaning. They’re the types of artifacts that express individuality in way words cannot. But, nothing helps one stand out in the way that a dazzling piece of jewelry does.

As it turns out, recent studies have shown how jewelry can be quite therapeutic. About 87% of women boast that jewelry makes you feel more confident, and more comfortable in whatever you choose to wear on a fashionable or even casual night out. Just as the color green is used as a method of calmness in medical clinics or salons, gold and silver properties give people a feeling of exuberance. The same purpose applies for congruent, eye-catchy shapes of jewelry. For example, circles stipulate feminine warmth, comfort, sensuality, and love (pay attention boys). Rectangles are associated with logic and security while triangles are the essence of power, energy, strength, and dynamics for masculinity. Even some metallic properties of jewelry are thought to have a significant effect on healthy cellular activity. With the right shape, texture, color, and substance (gold, crystal, and silver) of jewelry, you can call attention to the world in the most pleasing light.

If you’re wondering where such pieces of perfection can be found, avert your eyes to Coco Lane Jewelry.


Coco Lane is one of the most recent designers, yet they’re picking up speed with their eye-candy and have already been successful as the icing on the cake for any overall outfit. They’ve gotten exceptional recognition for their brilliance after being introduced at the Toronto International Film Festival, featured in various media outlets in the Canada and the United States, and their pieces have been noticed on many celebs at New York Fashion Week, and Hollywood. They can easily be compared to the likes of esteemed designers such as Charriol, Chopard, and Cartier because they all get it right when it comes to creating quality items befitting for anyone, anytime, and anywhere…period.

Coco Lane Jewelry is unique in their own way because when they design their assortments, they bear a goal in mind: to reflect the mystery of a woman. A woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, a woman who lets her inner beauty shine through. To accomplish this motif, CL’s been inspired by lines of modern architecture, with a wide array of pieces that showcase crystals, metals/silvers, and different shapes and sizes. “I’ve always found beauty in simple shapes, and that’s really what we focused on while creating our line,” says one of CL’s talented designers, Danielle Lenchner to us here at It’s A Glam Thing.

The right shapes definitely set the tone for those who hone any of CL’s jewelry. Edge necklaces are one of the most popular trends due to the marvelous shapes, sizes, and colors that’ll turn heads instantly. In addition, they never go out of style – regardless of season, and no shape is too off. Coco Lane Jewelry is particularly proud of their edge necklace as it’s favorable for everyday day wear like skinnies and sweaters. Earrings always look and feel fresh for feminine grace, especially if they’re crystal or rhinestone one’s for the fall season. Keep an eye out as Coco Lane will make an exciting come-back for the statement earring. Indeed, Coco Lane is becoming a beacon of fine lusters.

To understand better what motivates Coco Lane’s passion, designer Lenchner adds on, “We wanted to incorporate clean lines and modern shapes in a fresh and beautiful way. What really sets us apart is our unique way of balancing & layering geometric elements to create both simple and complex pieces creating an unexpected, but very wearable collection of jewelry.” The season’s fashions are all about definition and structure, and this is what Coco Lane has perfected by refining the elements that makes the most unique design.


As their staple goes: Coco Lane is a Force, She is Bold, She is Edgy, She is Iconic… She is you. To seek what defines you and the assortments you crave, carry on to – tell them It’s A Glam Thing sent you!



Posted on: February 9th, 2014


Inverse,” the movie premieres at the 39th Annual Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival this weekend. Matt Duggan directed this slick indie starring Josh Wingate and a strong supporting cast. We know Wingate from his star turn on General Hospital opposite James Franco as well as big screen bursts in “Priest” and “World War Z.” In “Inverse” Wingate plays a guy who wakes up at a complete loss. He’s unsure of his identity and even less sure of whom to trust. For me this isn’t sci-fi, it’s a Tuesday. Never the less, the filmmakers have put together a smart thriller with a dash of romance.

It’s more than fitting that “Inverse” premieres in Beantown, what with its bountiful bunch of Bostonians who make up the cast and crew. Wingate and Duggan both have strong bonds to Boston, and so does actor Chris Pauley, who plays not one, but two characters in “Inverse.” Pauley got his start on Boston area stages. After moving to Los Angeles, he continued acting in major theater productions and has steadily built impressive credits in both film and TV. We caught up with Pauley on the eve of the sold-out premiere. Here’s what he had to say:

Nick Northstar: Congratulations on “Inverse” premiering at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival! Tell us what it’s like to have “Inverse” premiere in your hometown?

Chris Pauley: It’s pretty amazing. There’s been such a positive response from family and friends that it’s been very humbling. It’s also a great excuse to spend some time with people who I don’t see more than once or twice a year.

[The premiere sold-out within three days and the festival quickly announced a second]

NN: We hear you play not one, but two characters? What’s that all about? Is it because you’re A. a Gemini B. just THAT talented, or C. some dude didn’t show up on set?

CP: You heard correctly, about my playing two characters that is, not about me being a Gemini. I actually tried to convince (director) Matt Duggan that I should perform all the parts. Sort of like Patrick Stewart, performing his one-man version of “A Christmas Carol.” Or Eddie Murphy in “The Nutty Professor.” Anyway, Matt didn’t seem too keen on it. Something about his “vision”… I dunno. All joking aside, it was just a great opportunity. I can’t say too much, lest I give away some of the plot. Matt had a great idea of what the best way would be to tell his story, and I had a blast doing it.

NN: Tell the truth, have you ever had an argument with your wife and during a heated exchange, she says, “Hey, isn’t that a line from one of your movies??!”

CP: It’s funny you ask that because I like to quote movies, and when my wife and I were dating, there were some movie references that I made that she thought were original. Now, it’s not like I was trying take credit for these snappy quotes, or anything like that… well not always. More often than not, I wouldn’t know that she wasn’t familiar with the movie reference. Anyway, it was a sad day (for me) when she realized that Bill Murray, and the cast of “Rushmore” (a film I was not in) had heavily influenced most of our conversations. But by that point she had already agreed to marry me, so she was out of luck. Sucker. This question does make me wish that I had performed in at least one Telemundo Telenovela. I’d like to see if I could get away with dropping something like “Tu es mi ESPOSA! Entiendes?!” in the middle of an argument.

NN: If that last question doesn’t get you in trouble, this one surely will: Dodgers or Red Sox?

CP: Red Sox. I’m happy if the Dodgers play well, but I spent too many years rooting for the Sox to switch allegiances. And who knows? Maybe I’ll bump into Red Sox legend, Dwight Evans someday, and he’ll say “Hey, lets be friends. You’re a Red Sox fan right? Do you like my mustache?” And I would say “Yes. Yes to everything, Dwight Evans.” And then we would smile at each other. Besides, I get the feeling that even Dodger fans aren’t really Dodger fans. They’re people who are just biding time until the Lakers play, right?

For more information on “Inverse” please visit:



Posted on: February 4th, 2014


15-year-old pop sensation Isaac Basal seems to be the next coming of Justin Timberlake!

The young Montreal, Canada-born singer was recently spotted walking the red carpet at the No Bull Anti-Bullying Charity Event in Hollywood showing off his suit and tie and looking like a younger version of the former ‘N Syncer


A source tells It’s Glam Thing that the second Isaac walked the red carpet at the event, hundreds of young girls were seen/heard screaming his name; I guess the “JT Style” works!!!



Posted on: January 30th, 2014


When Jared Leto switched from acting to music in 1998 with his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, he brought forth a new age of rock n roll that hadn’t been seen since the “good ol’ days”. Fast forward to 2014 and here we have Michael Orlando, formerly known under his iconic name Michael Vampire, and his mainstream switch from his group Vampires Everywhere to new rock sensation, The Killing Lights. Michael has switched bands/image – from shock to good ol’ rock n roll – and to much success.

Michael and his new rock band have just begun their journey, but with an almost sold-out UK tour next month and with their debut single Wasting My Time already creating an excitement amongst fans, there is no doubt in our mind here at It’s A Glam Thing that The Killing Lights (and their style of fashion & music) are about to bring back rock to a whole new generation.

Follow Michael and his band every step of the way via Twitter @tklband



Posted on: January 24th, 2014


He may only be 15-years-old, but X Factor USA’s top finalist sure knows how to shine beyond his years, and proof of that came in the literal sense when he appeared at’s Grammy Charity Bash in Hollywood wearing an outstanding all-diamond watch, courtesy of Mark Lash Jewelry (

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.42.51 PM

Josh even took to his Twitter quickly afterwards to his 115,000+ #LEVINATION fans and wrote of the piece, “coooolest thing ever at the @iamwill Grammy party, with a house on my wrist thanks to @marklashjewelry #grammys2014″

One thing is for sure, Josh’s career, like the watch, is certain to shine bright like a diamond for many, many years to come, and we here at It’s A Glam Thing can’t wait to follow along on his journey!



Posted on: January 22nd, 2014


Iconic actor William Shockley, known for his famed role as ‘Hank Lawson‘, the antihero saloonkeeper in CBS’ highly regarded drama, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman“, starring Jane Seymour, has been up to a lot since the show’s spin-off series, “California“.

Shockley is now not only a well recognized and respected actor, but he also has written and produced countless movies, his latest project being AMBUSH AT DARK CANYON, which premieres later this month in Nashville.

Ambush, a passion project with Shockley, is a western about a lawman falsely accused of murder and his journey to find the killer, starring Kix Brooks and Ernie Hudson. Check out the trailer below…

We can’t wait to see more from Shockley in the future!



Posted on: December 26th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 3.54.30 PM

2013 has brought us a lot of crazy entertainment stories. From Miley Cyrus‘ outrageous ‘twerking’ performances, to Kanye West proclaiming himself as the next coming of Jesus, celebrities around the world made headlines daily.

And now with the holiday season in full gear, It’s A Glam Thing has come across a brand new mobile app and website called EXLEY that puts all these entertainment stories together for simple browsing, plus tracks where and what your favorite celebs are this holiday season.


So who has been naughty, and who has been nice?! for more or download the app for free (yes free!) on your mobile devices app store!



Posted on: December 14th, 2013


Have a look at Ukrainian singing superstar Mika Newton gracing us with her wintery fashion style at the 6th Annual Babes in Toyland Charity Toy Drive benefiting the other evening in Hollywood.

Mika, a huge charity advocate, sported a double breasted, pure silk duchess satin coat cinched at the waist with an embroidered belt. from St. Pucchi’s 2014 collection.


Get this look yourself and be in-style this holiday season by visiting:

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