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Posted on: November 28th, 2014


From the moment It’s A Glam Thing stepped into BalletRED’s show at the Broad Stage Theatre in Santa Monica, CA, we knew we weren’t going to experience a ‘regular’ night at the ballet.

Outside the building’s doors was a massive celebrity and media red carpet that saw the likes of stars such as iconic actor Elliot Gould, hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks, and MTV’s Cameron Moulene & Katherine McNamara, amongst several other celebs, all coming out to support the show’s big debut.


Inside the theatre was an incredible display of art, hanging ballet slippers and composer Jealous Angel on ten-foot stilts overlooking the cocktail reception crowd while playing music for everyone to enjoy as they awaited entrance into the show.

Once the show began, nobody in the audience, myself included, could take their ears/eyes off the stage as the ballerinas, beautifully choreographed by Josie Walsh and their costumes, designed by Kiyomi Hara, had us all wanting more and more. The show consisted of three dance acts: Urban Angels, Convergence, and Texture of Time, and the flow of each with backing multimedia videos, lights, smoke and music, created an atmosphere unlike any other ballet.


Walking out of the show, It’s A Glam Thing overheard countless people speak of their admiration and respect for the show, and how they wish it didn’t have to end… a great sign for a debut show. It’s with this in mind we cannot wait to see what the BalletRED company has in store for future productions, as they are obviously onto something with their new style of ballet mixed with EDM-type music.

It’s A Glam Thing gives BalletRED two massive thumbs up!


Getting Glam With

Posted on: November 14th, 2014


Looking for modest, yet stylish outfits for church or every day wear!? Well, we here at It’s A Glam Thing recently came across an amazing website that made headlines recently with their “Bigger Is Better” promotion that offers classy printed dresses and suits that are smartly tailored!

David Golshan, the site’s owner told us, “We are the only website and print catalog in our genre that offers, free shipping, a best price guarantee, a rewards program, telephone customer service, and a no hassle return policy.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 2.05.44 PM

With the holidays almost here, is offering LARGE discounts (the bigger you are, the bigger your discount), so glam-up and check them out!


Stay Glam! Stay In The Shade!

Posted on: October 10th, 2014


How many times have you gone to the beach or travelled on a boat and there just isn’t any shade around? Or how about the times you went to a restaurant or park and wanted to take your dog with you , but there just wasn’t any shade to place them under?


Well, there is a new product that just launched called ShadyFace (for humans) and ShadyPAWS (for dogs) that helps us each escape the heat and relax wherever we go. With multiple pockets inside, all items necessary can be stored from speakers, to phones, to leashes and more, and the best part is that the product folds up easily in a backup-form for hiking and traveling.


Check out more at & and STAY GLAM!


The Gay Groom’s Guide Launches In Hollywood!

Posted on: October 4th, 2014


One of the year’s most talked about books, The Gay Groom’s Guide, finally launched this past week in Hollywood, and It’s A Glam Thing was there to cover all the details!


The guide’s author, Robert Blackmon, brought out some of his celebrity fans/supports such as Judy Tenuta, Jennifer Akerman, Adrienne Janic, Carolyn Hennesy, Kate Linder, and countless others  to his red carpet event at the prestigious Abbey Food & Bar, which was just named one of the world’s greatest gay bars.


In partnership with Marriage Equality USA, Robert’s book has hit a home run with readers both gay and straight, who look to his blunt words and experience to help plan their own weddings. During the actual event, Robert (the author) even dropped on his own knee to renew his wedding vows with his longtime partner Martin, who up until then had only gotten married in Canada, as it wasn’t legal in California at the time yet.

For more details and to get your own copy, go to:


St. Pucchi’s Iconic Founder Is Writing A Memoir!

Posted on: September 16th, 2014


St. Pucchi has been one of the top bridal companies for years, and is credited with changing the way many people design and look at wedding gowns. And now after 30 years of success, the brand’s head designer/founder Rani Totman has announced she is taking a little break to pen an exciting memoir.

Rani tells It’s A Glam Thing, “I am truly grateful for all the support and love sent my way since announcing this exciting new opportunity that I will be giving my heart to. St. Pucchi will forever be with me and I do look forward to the rebirth with new creative concepts in the future.”

We can’t wait to learn and then read more about what Rani has to say!


From Florida to Hollywood With Kaleina Cordova

Posted on: September 3rd, 2014


Kaleina Cordova is a young actress originally from Florida that has just moved to Hollywood to continue pursing her acting career. The beautiful actress has recently been seen in the hit movie, Step Up Revolution and television series, The Glades.

Miss Cordova took some time while running around in the land of the stars to chat about her career, celebrity crushes, fashion and how she is finding the Hollywood scene…


How has the Internet helped your career move forward?

The internet has been like a friend to me, I come to it with all my problems and confusion. Besides that I’m constantly watching YouTube videos of movie B-rolls, behind the scenes footage, audition tapes, etc. They all provide insight.

Who is your celebrity crush right now?

That’s always a juicy question! Right now I have to say Jamie Campbell Bower – he’s a killer musician and actor.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Acting wise, I would love to be remembered for my role versatility. As a person, I would just love to make a difference in someone’s life somehow; even if it’s just one person remembering me that’s enough.

What charities are close to your heart?

There’s a great charity back home [Florida] called Caring Couture. It’s a non-profit scarf organization that is trying to empower employment opportunities for people with special needs. Payton, a child with Down syndrome, hand painted every silk scarf in the collection. I have this strong desire to help people that deserve a brighter light. That’s another benefit of this industry; you can use the spotlight to promote things that are more important. One single person doesn’t need millions of dollars to buy trivial things. You hear a lot about charities that only contribute, like, %20 of its donations to the actual cause and that’s deceiving. I want to promote charities that are genuine and selfless. I aspire to construct a charity people can depend on someday.

What trends in fashion do you LOVE and HATE?

Honestly, I’m getting tired of everything being see through and cropped! I’m not a huge follow of trends but I do love seeing people get creative with their sense of style because I know I am! I love layering and mix n matching patterns!

And finally, what are some of your upcoming Fall “glam” tips to look fabulous?

WEAR BOOTS! I love boots, people used to make fun of me in middle school beacuse I used to wear combat boots (prior to them being “in”) I found them at Goodwill one day and though they added a little something to my floral dress! I also love wearing deep plum lipstick in the winter. When in doubt throw on some lipstick and a pair of boots!


Chokers Are IN This Fall!

Posted on: September 3rd, 2014


One of my favorite elements of fashion during any season is accessories. In early 2014 designers gave us an insight to what the hottest trends of Fall 2014 would be, including accessories. I am excited for all of the bold new accessories hitting stores as early as this month; one I am particularly looking forward to is seeing all the ladies wearing chokers!

Chokers have already made their way onto the necks of fashionistas everywhere, but this 90′s trend will be hitting hard this fall. It was shown on the runways in a variety of styles, from metals to cloth to even statement chokers. There are a variety of styles that you can wear daily from the classic hoop choker to a more glammed up stacked choker. Whatever your mood, there is a choker to fit it.


Choke away this Fall!


Glam Up Your Wedding With WeVue!

Posted on: July 25th, 2014


Everyone enjoys weddings. Whether its the romance, seeing old friends, an excuse for a night out, the old school music, seeing your old man try to dance, the fabulous decor, or simply just for the good food & open bar, weddings are awesome!

Well, there is now a new free (yes, free!) mobile app that allows you to enjoy your wedding experiences altogether and take those photos/videos you and others take to a whole new level.

WeVue (go to your app store and download it) gathers posted photos & videos from any event (such as a wedding) that you upload or others upload, and then turns them into a montage collection video that can be shared with all as well as a viewable album with everyone’s photos/videos all in one spot for easy browsing.


You just have to love technology bringing people together!


A Conversation With Actress Lynzey Patterson

Posted on: July 25th, 2014


Lynzey Patterson is one of those actresses that just catches your eye and leaves you with a memorable impression. Lynzey has been through a lot over the course of her career, first coming out as one of Canada’s first openly bisexual actresses, and then appearing on the hit comedy series, Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot and Showtime’s Body Language. She then saw her career push forward with a lead role in the  film, Anything Goes, and currently is working on a new feature entitled, Unimaginable.

It’s A Glam Thing caught up with Lynzey in Hollywood to ask her a few questions…

Nick Northstar: If you could collaborate with any filmmaker right now, who would it be?

Lynzey Patterson: Hands down Quentin Tarantino! I’d love to work with such a talented and awesome person!

NN: How has the Internet helped your career move forward?

LP: The Internet has helped me move forward in a lot of ways. Almost 80% of the work I have done was from castings I found online or from casting directors finding me online. Also, it helps a lot with promotion, networking and simply just getting my face out there!

NN: Who is your celebrity crush right now?

LP: My celebrity crushes right now Johnny Depp! Okay, it’s a tie between him and James Franco!

NN: What would you like to be remembered for?

LP: I want to be remembered for sharing my light and love, and in some way making a positive change in this world with my actions / words.

NN: And finally, what are some of your summer “glam” tips to look fabulous?

LP: I’m very organic, especially in the summer time! I wash my face with a natural chamomile soap to keep clear and clean. As for make up, I like “pure minerals” bronzing powder and some peachy blush. One thing I must do though, is a “dramatic eyes”; I love eyeliner and cat eyes! MEOW!


DoooDolls Actually Work As Glamorous Home Decorations

Posted on: July 22nd, 2014


Who doesn’t love fun, random things to add a little character to their home?  Furniture of different shapes, functions are cool and while some opulent portraits and tables do nicely, it would certainly serve some eye-catching purpose to add some… peculiar items here and there.  Some people actually like unusual things around their home like goofy salt & pepper shakers, odd-shaped clocks, pooping gnomes, gummy bear lamps, and silly-faced pillows that may not seem wholesome, yet they show you’re not afraid to go a little out there.  In some phenomenal way, it makes others feel a little more welcome in the home because you’re being yourself (for better or worse).   Lately it’s soft, cushy dolls that are donning the living room and kid’s rooms as something of an aesthetic choice.

People love to glam the kid’s rooms up with fun, colorful dolls, especially plush ones.  This is no big surprise because it’s been studied that young children love to get their hands on fun, soft, colorful things with interesting features.  It catches their eyes and interests.  But plush collectibles aren’t just for the kiddies since there are adults who collect such things simply to add a little fun character to their humble abode.   While the plush style doll is a hot trend among Asian cultures, they’re scaling in the United States too.  If you’re aiming to add a touch of cuteness and perhaps “tripiness” to your décor, make sure it’s a plush collection.


One adorable plush collection that you might want to consider gussying up your living room couch and kid’s playroom with that caught eyes at this year’s recent Anime Expo in Los Angeles are Dooodolls (  As you can see in the photos in this article, they are a unique collection of colorful plush dolls with distinctive characteristics that go with their names.   Dooodolls would be the décor of choice if you’re gonna add a touch of cuteness for all to see because they’re perfect for kids of any age, come in big or small sizes, and notably safe because they’re shapes could actually substitute as a great pillow for them to sleep on or just position them as pieces on either side of the couch or atop the ‘ol bean bag chair.  Household decorations are meant to establish the kind of person you, so if you’re a fun, bubbly kind of person, then Dooodolls are going to boast that personality trait splendidly.  Dolls like the lushes, plushes Dooodolls maybe an unusual decoration, but there’s no denying that they’re adorable and practical with a touch of glam baby!

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