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Posted on: December 5th, 2013


Tis’ the season for giving and for the over achievers of the world that means it’s time to get creative with gifts for the Holidays.  Although the heavy hitting large gifts like a PS4 or Xbox One might be the highlight of your overall shopping spree, no one should underestimate the power of the stocking stuffer.  This age old tradition provides little gifts that let your loved ones, colleagues and any one else know how well you understand their wants and needs far more than the “main” gifts.  So for me personally this is the hardest part of my Christmas list.

One of the top trends of this holiday season is healthy organic eating and has been for a few years now.  With so many organic food conscious individuals, theoretically it would make a lovely stocking stuffer especially for the work Christmas party.  But you can’t just go throwing in fruits, vegetables or a gift card…. Where is the imagination in that?  Not to mention, kind of unsanitary.  Instead why not try giving a lifestyle this Christmas season.

A food brand I recently stumbled upon is Cultures For Health, an organic food brand unlike any other.  It gives you the ability to buy cheap, organic starter kits to create all your favorite health foods including yogurts, brown rice, cheeses, soy cultures, and bread, along with countless others.  Not only is it an inexpensive buy perfect for a stocking stuffer, but also comes in what I consider to be a delicate and festive box.  It isn’t just buying organic products; you are now providing a new organic lifestyle for someone, which is a whole lot of gift in such a small package.  A must buy ‘stuffer’ for the season!

To make Cultures for Health part of your holiday shopping visit,